I found out about this place through my client (I'm a barber) Dr. Scott. Sorry I don't remember his last name lol. I have only been to this office three times. First two just for cleanings and was very impressed by their customer service as well as how they cleaned my teeth. I'm one of those patients that had tons of cavities as a kid, so I was very familiar with how fillings are suppose to feel after. Well I had gone to place before Capital City Dental years ago and had fillings done. Knew something was off almost right after he was done. Anyway fast forward to a year later and it chipped out! So after finding this awesome place,I finally had that fixed along with some other problems lol. Dr.Lia was the one who did the work and she was amazing! Didn't even feel the numbing shots or anything after. Her dental assistant was awesome as well. All in all I am very happy with the service and their work. I will never go anywhere else now.

Ashley LaFlamme

Great dentists with good chairside manner who do excellent work and are very informative. Very friendly helpful staff!

Fred Kessler

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